Earthscapes LLC

Lawn Maintenance

- Grass cutting and edging.
- Trimming bushes and hedges.
- Lawn treatment and fertilization.
- Core aerating.
- Removal of leaves and other debris
- Pressure washing: Decks, Homes and driveways.
- Mosquito repellant.
- Weed killer.

Slope Mowing and Bush Hogging

-  We have a special machine that will allow us to quickly cut large slopes up to 55 degrees with no danger to the operator. We can also cut most hard to reach areas that a normal mower cannot get to. Areas like marsh lands, ditches and retention ponds. Its also great for clearing out thicket in wooded areas like building a nature trail. 


-  Sod sales, prep and installation.
-  Irrigation systems design and installation.
-  Drains. 
-  Retaining walls.
-  Planting trees and shrubs.
-  Filling in sink holes. 
-  Nature Trails      

Gutter and Roof cleaning

 -  We offer gutter and roof cleaning. Its a great way to prolong the life of a roof. gutters full of debris will hold water and put stress on the gutters and soffits. It will also become a mosquito breeding ground or maybe a nice home for unwanted rodents. After the cleaning we will conduct an inspection and inform the owner of any problems they may have.  

Clearing and Grading

-  We can clear a wooded area and put a house or a building pad to grade. We can also dig out for a basement or whatever dirt work is required. We have over 15 years in commercial and residential grading.  


   -  We can help you knock down and haul off that unsightly structure thats been sitting on your property or rip out and back fill an unwanted pool. knock down a fire damaged home or rip out and replace that old drive way.  This is one of our favorite type of jobs to do so don't hesitate just give us a call for your free estimate.

Concrete Work

   - We can perform many types of concrete work like  Pouring driveways, Sidewalks, patios and curbs. Allot of times people have large trees near there drives and the roots will grow under breaking it all up. Making pulling in and out a nightmare, not to mention a trip hazard and an eye sore.

Retaining Walls

    - A retention wall is a great way to maximize space and keep erosion under control. They can also be very decorative and add to the viewing pleasure of your landscape. We can build any type you would like from timbers to decorative stone or block.